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Santa Barbara Winery 2012 Pinot Noir

Santa Barbara Winery 2012 Pinot Noir

It took me about a second to say ‘yes’ when Pierre Lafond asked if Santa Barbara Winery could use a painting for their 2012 Pinot Noir label. The image had come from one of my trips to the Lafond Vineyard to restock their Tasting Room with new paintings, prints and cards. It was the end of the […]

Vera Cruz

Vera Cruz Building

When my husband, Santa Barbara Architect Jeff Shelton, floated the notion of an homage to the House of 1000 Paintings for his new project on lower Santa Barbara Street, it was, in my opinion, just another mind-blowingly great idea from him. My life is a never-ending series of these. They float out of him pretty […]